At Asuka Guest House we provide dinner at reasonable prices.

We are vegetarian/vegan welcom!


Nara prefecture doesn’t have access to the sea. It compensates that with an abundance in fruits of the land. Our dinner is a daily changing plate consisting of vegetables, rice and meat.
Those three components are well-balanced. We use ingredients that we think are delicious, like rice from designated rice farmers in Asuka and fresh produce harvested in the area.
Among the ingredients, the flavor of Asuka Mai Rice is a special A-grade ranked hinohikari rice which we, needless to say, offer for our dinners, purchased directly from the producers.




Dinner must be booked in advance. 
Choose “overnight stay including dinner” when making your reservation.

We are vegetarian/vegan welcom!
You just request vegetarian or vegan menu for dinner, breakfast.

Dinner: ¥ 1100
Special dinner: from ¥ 1500
Vegetarian dinner: from ¥ 1100

Light meals and Snacks We have in

We have several light meals and specially selected snacks sure to go well with Japanese sake or beer.

You can enjoy the icecream also.



Curry and Rice

We offer curry and rice and a side dish as a set meal.

Japanese Sake

At Asuka Guest House we are very proud of our sake selection.

This region is the birthplace of Japanese sake. We have a collection of local non-pasteurized young sake that we strongly recommend.
Getting advice from sake brewers and liquor-shop owners under contract in Nara prefecture, we also prepared a collection of ginjou sake (sake made from high-polished rice) and sake that is suited to be drunken warm.

Our sake-tasting set is sure to even satisfy the most demanding aficionados.


Of course we also offer beer and plum wine!
Our plum wine comes from Ume no Yado, a sake brewery at the foot of Mount Katsuragi in Nara that was established 120 years ago.

Many soft drinks are available for you. One of our recomend is a ginger ale. You can choose one from sweet type or dry one.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste them at ASUKA GUEST HOUSE!




Breakfast must be reserved in advance. Choose “overnight stay including breakfast” when booking.
Breakfast is ¥ 400.

Daily sandwich, a banana, and coffee with a rich aroma from our  coffee machine. Help yourself to the orange juice in the fridge too.

We have vegetarian/vegan morning set.
Order feel free when you booking.

Enjoying a leisurely morning with a late breakfast might be the true charm of a vacation.