IMG_1450Even e-bikes can be rented for ¥1000!
Usually normal bikes are ¥1000 and e-bikes ¥1500, but for our guests only we have this special offer!Using a bike to move around Asuka is after all the simplest and most convenient way.
When you are planning to view the terraced rice fields and as many temples and shrines as possible, it might take quite some time and effort to walk around the slopes and hills of Asuka.We can provide a bicycle for rent at the guest house. It can be rented from the time of check-in until 18 o’clock the next day and has to be returned to the guest house.


This offer is limited to overnight guests. We ask for your understanding in advance that it is not possible to just rent the bike.



Let’s around with bicycle in Asuka!

We will show you the course to start Asuka guesthouse and turn around with bicycle rental! Please try to reference!

Luggage can be stored even after check out.


( ) is a standard time of stay.


9:00 Amakashino-oka observator(30min.)

From the observation deck, you can see a panoramic view of Asuka from now on. How about tracing your journey from now on? And you can see Yamato Sanzan and Nijozan which are sung in Manyoshu. It’s only a little high hill but there’s a special view there!


9:45 Asuka-dera Temple(30min.)

The first Buddhism temple was built there. The oldest Buddha statue has been in the same place since 6th century. You can take a picture it.


10:20 Iruka’s grave(10min.)

It is a grave of a person assassinated by a coup d’etat in the 7th century.


10:40 Sakafune-Ishi stone(10min.)

There are mysterious stone structures scattered around Asuka.This is the one of them.It is a mysterious stone that nobody knows the truth whether it was used to make sake or to mix medicine. There is a big stone with presence in the bamboo forest.


11:20 Okadera Temple(30min.)

Oka-dera Temple, which is said to be the first sacred place for warding off evil in Japan, is still visited by many people to pray for warding off evil. At the end of April, rhododendrons decorate the precincts. I go up a steep slope to the temple. But you can get a better view! The atmosphere of the village at the foot of the road and the approach is wonderful!


12:00 Ishibutai Tumulus(15min.)

An ancient tomb which is representative of the Asuka path with the largest stone huts in Japan. Constructed at the 7th century, the embankment of the grave mound was detached at an early stage and giant side-hole type stone huts were exposed.


This is half a day course, the course that goes around the day continues.



13:00 Rice terrace(45min.)

Rice terraces are attractive depending on the season, respectively. Although it is good to see from a place that is slightly far away, we recommend that you walk between rice paddies without bicycle.


14:00 Steppingstones(10min.)


14:35 Asuka-kawakamini-imasu-usutakihimenomikoto Shrine(40min.)

The longest name shrine in Janpan. It is not only the name but also the shrine which is located at the top of the long steep stairs, and it is written that people prayed for rain here in Asuka period. It is one of the most mysterious spots in Asuka.


15:30 Kayanomori(30min.)

The way to go through this settlement was an important way in the past.  It is a spot that seems to have power transmitted from ancient times.




16:20 Tachibana-dera ・Kawahara-dera Ruins(20min.)

We came back to the center of Asuka. You can see beautiful scenery around Tachibana-dera in every season. There are times when you can see beautiful cherry blossoms and Higanbana, or just autumn leaves in the evening. From here, you can see the precincts of Oka-dera Temple in the middle of the mountain in the east.


16:45 Around Asuka-kyo Ruins(10min.)

This area has Tachibana-dera Temple in the south, Asuka-dera Temple in the north, Amakashi-no-oka Hill in the west, and the palace was built in Asuka period. Now the rice fields are spread out, and it is also a place where you can enjoy a long and relaxing time such as looking at lotus flowers and Japanese lily. In summer, there is a rice field where lotus flowers bloom, and you can enjoy the seasonal scenery.

17:00Back to Asuka guesthouse

Thank you !  Enjoy the tour?

You can take a bus to Kashiharajingu-mae station at closest bus stop “Asuka” at 17:08.