Come and join us!
ASUKA GUEST HOUSE is now free-accommodation helper Wanted!!201701170856_1.jpg

Won’t you help us to make the guests’ stay at ASUKA GUEST HOUSE a memorable one?
This could be a chance for you to introduce the spots that you enjoyed most during your strolls in Asuka, and to talk about the sightseeing attractions and the history of Asuka to our domestic and overseas guests.

We welcome helpers who can speak basic English and who are outgoing and communicative.

After finishing your work such as cleaning, you are free to enjoy Asuka. Stroll through the village, take a nap in Ishibutai Park, enjoy a book at the guest house, anything you can think of to have some leisurely time.

Let’s liven up the atmosphere at ASUKA GUEST HOUSE together!

some helpers we’ve had so far:
For one month a New Zealander used her stay for extended strolls
For half a year a helper from Tokyo looked for work in Kansai while her unemployment insurance lasted
A lady from Nara used the guest house for two weeks as a base to research for her graduation thesis
A traveller on a trip around Japan took a break here for two months
A helper from HK stayed for three weeks enjoying her stay in Japan at no cost
An exchange student used her summer break and came from Chiba for one month
A Korean on a working holiday visa took a rest here for one month
over 20 years old
likes things to be tidy and clean
must be able to speak basic Japanese or English
as a measure to prevent crimes we will take a copy of your identification documents.

Job Description and Working Conditions:
Basically the job consists of taking care of and communicating with the guests in the morning, doing the cleaning and laundry, and bedmaking. On busy days we might ask you to help at dinner time, too.
In exchange for some hours of your help, you can stay at the guest house free of charge! As a rule of thumb we ask you to work 3 ~ 5 hours a day.
Holidays are 2 days a week.
※ Depending on the reservation status, there are fluctuations such as one day a week, three days a week.

There is a two-week trial period. During this time you can experience and feel what it’s like to stay and work at ASUKA GUEST HOUSE and show us your working skills.
It’s no problem if you don’t know how long you are going to stay beforehand. Just give us notice two weeks before you are planning to leave.

Although they are held on an irregular basis, you are most welcome to join our trial product tasting parties and get-togethers, of course at no charge!
On days when it is not reserved you can also use our rental bike for free!
Provide local harvesting rice. (Before cook. 750g/week)
We do not provide meals, but sometimes we share meals.
And you can use free Wi-Fi.

Example schedule on a busy day
getting up at 8:30, breakfast till 10:00, cleaning till 14:30, then free time, showering etc till 23:00 and help with dinner around 19:00.

Example of a normal day
getting up at 8:30, breakfast till 10:00, cleaning till 12:30, then free time, showering etc till 23:00.

Feel free to inquire or ask questions using the contact form or direct mail.
Applicants please include the following information. We will contact you in a few days
Reason for applying
Desired period of stay

TEL: 0744-54-5659
Address: Asuka 659, Asuka Village, Takaichi-gun, Nara-ken 634-0103