The Guest Kitchen

We have the kitchen for the guests. You can cook your own meals in the guest house if you want. The cooking utensils in the communal kitchen can be used freely.
You can cook with fresh produce from Asuka at a Farmer’s market a few minutes’ walk from the guest house and enjoy cooking some local specialities.

You can enjoy  free tea, roasted tea.

Wonderful coffee

Provided equipment and utensils:

Induction-heated stove, fridge, microwave oven, toaster, rice cooker, hot plate, water boiling pot, frying pan, pots, cutlery, chopsticks.
Salt, sugar, soysauce etc.


Availability of kitchen
7:00~10:00  16:00~22:30


Showers and Bathrooms

We are very particular about our showers at Asuka Guest House. Although the guest house is situated in an old Japanese-style house, you don’t have to worry about the hot water trickling out of the faucet. Wash down your sweat with the world’s strongest water pressure that is almost hurting!

The shower room is very spacey to use. Toilets and washbasins can be used 24 hours.
There are two showers in both the men’s and the ladies’ bathrooms, so there is no worry about waiting in line to use them. Two in one shampoo and Soap and hair dryers are provided free of charge. There are also two toilets and washbasins each for men and women.

Availability of showers
6:00~10:00  16:00~24:00