For those guests who value their privacy.
Situated in a renovated 150 year-old room that was originally a storeroom, it has a unique and cosy atmosphere, and can accomodate from one to a maximum of six people.


Private washbasin, shower, and toilet


We recommend this space to families or groups of friends who want to enjoy a comfortable time together. The room is furnished with a TV, a shower, a toilet, and a washbasin.
As you can lock the room, we promise you the same privacy as in a hotel room.From the small window on the second floor you can glimpse the precincts of Asuka Temple and enjoy the rural scenery.Bathtowels,Two in one shampoo and body soap are provided free of charge.
Nightgowns, and toothbrushes are not provided, but we can arrange for toothbrushes  for a small charge.