You can have dinner reasonably at Asuka Guest House.

We are vegetarian and vegan friendly

Order  vegetarian and vegan dinner  feel free.
You are just tell us  your request when you booking.


There is no sea in Nara prefecture.
But we have rich vegetables or rice. Our dinner is made with a lot of vegetables.

Our dinner has  the vegetable soup  with poke, main dish,side dish , rice and pickles . Enjoy the rice! The rice from the farmer who is our neighborhood.

The main dishes are 4types. Please choice one on your mood.

We offer you the dishes which we believe wonderful.

Dinner is the Advance reservation system.Please order us when you booking.
Dinner set:1,000 yenVegetarian dinner set:1,000yen 


We are vegetarian and vegan friendly

Tell us about your request when you booking.



We have nice snacks which is good much for sake or beer.
You will enjoy good food and good drink.

If you are hungry, you can take a curry and rice!
Our  curry and rice is offer with side dish.

Last orders:
Food and Drinks  21:00


You can enjoy sake from good near brewery here.

Our area is the birthplace of sake. We have unfiltered unprocessed local  sake.
You will enjoy the wonderful smell and rich taste.

We have tasting set!  You must  find your favorite one.

Of course we have pram wine and beer too.
Our recommend is this pram wine. It is made with Japanese sake from Katsuragi-san and aslo ume from Yoshino in Nara prefecture.
It can be said to be a plum wine that brings together the best of Nara Prefecture.

And we don’t forget the soft drinks also.
We have two teats of ginger ale here. You can choice the one.

If you like ice cream, try the float menu!? You can try the ice cream on coke-float, ginger ale-float, and orangejuce-float.



Breakfast is the Advance reservation system.

Breakfast set:400yen

Special sandwich , banana ,coffee and orange juice. Please have wonderful morning with special coffee.

We are  preparing them in the fridge.You can enjoy by self service.
Spend the morning time as you like , that is the good moment of the travel.
You can take the breakfast in our courtyard.
What is with you? Favorite book? Music? Talking with your family or friends? Enjoy the moment.