The communal area offers the latest equipment while retaining the atmosphere of traditional Japanese living.


The Living Room

Having maintained the flavor of old Japan, the living room consists of three adjoining rooms laid out with traditional tatami mats. It provides a place of relaxation and rest for our guests.
Our staff recommends the wide table with the heated space for the feet underneath (sunken kotatsu). There you can enjoy a meal, exchange travel experiences with fellow guests, or quietly bury yourself in a book. Write home postcards about your travel memories or simply enjoy the slow life as is only possible during a holiday.



Relax in the spacious living room and spend some precious leisure time.

【Available  time for Living Room】
6:00~10:00  16:00~23:00

For guests staying several nights:

Please note that the communal area is being used as a cafe from 11:00 to 15:00 and its use for guests is restricted.

From 10:00 we will clean up.




We have sightseeing information of Asuka, shops information, and sightseeing information of the neighborhood. Make use of the product for planning your trip. And also feel free to ask our staff if you would like to talk about your trip.

There are times when unexpected plans come up from chatting, and guests who meet in a shared space go around Asuka together the next day.

We have a many kind of books in a common space. From history to philosophy and more. It is also good to read slowly when you are not busy with daily life.