IRUKA of Friday 2019.10.11

IRUKA of Friday 2019.10.11
Also in Asuka it was the day of preparation for typhoons . In the rice field, there was also a scene where we were working to cut the surrounding area to minimize the damage caused by the wind.


Japanese wonderful season has come!

It’s changing from cluster amaryllis to Cosmos here. Rice plants are also turning golden.
Asuka has a nice casual view, and there are many good places to stay.
We recommend you to walk or cycle around slowly in this season,the heat was over.

Briefing session on excavation info.
Remains related to Fujiwara-kyo (694 AD –710AD) and residence ruins, moat settlements in the early Yayoi period(300 BC – 250 AD), and ancient tombs

Briefing session place:Shijyo-cyo Kashihara city
Day and Time:10/06/2019 10:00~13:00 every mid hour they has explanation
They open the gate untill 15:00 free visit to see

Amazing beautiful red line.

Please go to the terraced rice fields! That’ good season for see around beautiful cluster amaryllis in Asuka. You can find amazing beautiful red line on the edge of the rice field.

Restrooms have been completed around the rice terraces in Inabuchi.
Especially good news for who walk or ride a bicycle tourist!
There are benches next to the restrooms, you can take a break in front of the rice terraces.

IRUKA of Friday 2019.09.13

Today was a cool day feels like an autumn it.
You can feel the gentle autumn breeze in this season.
You must come! Feelling the wonderful breeze that is different from early summer! And also you can enjoy beautiful and relaxing time.

The ears of rice are beginning to turn gold. The fact that each rice field has a slightly different color and appearance of ears is also the highlight of Asuka now.
Color of the ears, slightly darker in Okuasuka(on the mountain side of asuka) than around the downtown.

Trip to meet first of autumn season

The best season of Asuka has come,the staff recommended.
You will feel the autumn wind in the hot days. Please experianging moment of the season.Dragonflies fly, some of them red dragonflies.

A unique scarecrow will welcome you in the rice terraces in Inabuchi.

At night, look up at the sky from the guesthouse courtyard. Comfortable night wind and starry sky are good season.


You can enjoy meals and dishes.

It’s a guest house, so we can’t eat, can we?
No! At the Asuka Guesthouse, you can enjoy the dishes that goes well with alcohol, dinner and breakfast.
We have a variety of menus prepared by our staff so that you can enjoy various things at a reasonable price.
Please enjoy your meal in a shared space.
(Reservation required for dinner and breakfast. Please order whatever you like for a la carte.)



Izakaya near us.

We would like to introduce a recommended Izakaya near Asuka Guest House.
“Robata Kuroshio”
Highly recommended by the staff! The price is reasonable and it is always crowded with locals.
It’s a homely izakaya with a faithfuly owner and a gentle smile on his wife.
I recommend you to make a reservation when you visit there.
From Asuka Guest House by taxi it is about 800 ~ 900 yen for 5 minutes.
「Robata Kuroshio」
294-6, Ishikawacho, Kashihara Shi, Nara Ken, 634-0045, Japan


Summer vacation season

Summer vacation season, that is a season when many families come also.

Parents and children, mothers and children, fathers and children, and so on.
Some people who stay alone says “I will come with my family next time.” or “I will stay in a private room with my wife next time.”, when they are checking out.

They stay for a few days and walk and see around Asuka, go to Nara, Ise, Yoshino, hiking to Yamanobe-no-michi, with Asuka Guest House as a base. Spending a good time leisurely.We feel happy with the scenery of the family time and the words.

(Only high school students and above can stay at the dormitory.
Please make a reservation for Kura (private room) with your children are under 15years old.)

For bookingご予約/