The Kitora Ancient Tomb mural will be held from from January 18 (Sat) to January 16 (Sun).

This time, “Genbu” on the northern wall is released.
In the theater room, “Chinese ancient astronomy from Kitora tumulus” will be screened as a Kitra planetarium.

From January 18 (Sat) to January 24 (Fri), the Takamatsuzuka Tomb Mural Repair Room will be open to the public.
In both cases, “Genbu” will be released, so it may be good to compare them.

Both mural exhibitions require prior application, but there is a great possibility that they will be seen at the reception desk on the day.

■”Kitora Tumulus” mural released (* Closed: Wednesday, January 29, Wednesday, February 5)
■”Takamatsuzuka Tumulus” mural repair work room released
※ Closed for New Year holidays
December 29 (Sun)-January 3 (Fri)


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