Urgent recruitment(work exchange) ! !
We are looking for people who can help in late August, September and October ♪

☆ For those who want to eat plenty of Asuka rice
☆ Would you like to stay in Asuka on a long holiday for students!
☆ Would you like to relax during your leave?

■ Helper benefits ■
・ Free dormitory room accommodation
・ Once a week, 750g of delicious rice from Asuka is presented.
・ Electric bicycles, unlimited rides when not in use by customers.
・ Meal share sometimes
・ Washing machine free

There are about 3-5 hours of cleaning per day. Other times you are free!There are two days off per week! Free Wi-Fi available!

We welcome people who are comfortable staying in dormitories, who like cleaning and are attentive!
It’s OK even if you don’t speak Japanese.
Of course, people who want to speak Japanese are also welcome.

For more information is here!

Click here for past helper’s diary!


If you are interested, please contact us by messenger, email !

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